Distinguishment of TIG and MIg welding

We will show you the difference between welding tig and welding mig. The gases used in the welding process, through profiles on welding tig and welding mig and guide you when to use welding mig, When to use tig and arc welding machine

Introduction to TIG welding

Tungsten Inert gas (Tungsten Inert gas) is also known as Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), commonly known as Argon or Wig (Wonfram) welding.Inert Gas)
Use protective gases such as Argon, Helium, Argon + Helium, Argon + Hydrogen or Argon + Oxygen.


The electrode does not melt.

No slag due to no solder.

Arc, lava flow observed and controlled easily

High temperature power source

It is possible to weld thin or thick metal due to the wide range of welding parameters (from several amperes to several hundred amperes). Welding is most of the metals and alloys with high quality. Good welds, not slag and splash. Control of pits and shape of puddle welding easily

Applications of TIG welding methods:

TIG welding methods are applied in many manufacturing sectors, especially suitable for welding high alloy steels, non ferrous metals and their alloys.
This method of welding is usually hand-operated and can automate the two stages of arc transfer as well as the supply of secondary wires.

Often used in the field of aerospace, in the manufacture of space vehicles …

Used to weld thin sheets, thin tube in the bicycle industry.

Often used in the repair process of repairing broken parts, especially the parts made of aluminum and magnesium.

Special TIG welding is used in welding parts, requiring high welds such as small corners, which are difficult to weld in machine parts, photo cases, air conditioners, air conditioners, hospital machines like X machines. -Pang, projector..Multiple applications in welding technology, welded pipe, gas pipe welding, oil conduction ….

Advantages of TIG welding

It is possible to weld thin or thick metal due to the wide range of welding parameters (from several amps to several hundred amperes).

Welding of high quality metals and alloys.

Good welds, not slag and splash.

Control of pits and shape of puddle welding easily.

It is possible to use or not use the sticks to make the weld.

Disadvantages of TIG welding

Low productivity

Require more skilled welders

Price is relatively high due to low productivity, equipment and materials are expensive.

Materials Use TIG welding

Alloy steel: stainless steel (low alloy), low carbon alloys (ordinary steel or black steel)

Aluminum Alloys, Copper Alloys, Magnesium, Alloys, Nickel, Zinc Alloys, Zicron Alloys ….

To learn more about the structure as well as TIG welding techniques you can read the article: How to TIG welding here

For newcomers to welding can be understood simply as follows: To fill the arc welding to the welding site, we use welding equipment tig welding machine, welding gas, power source, welding solder .. Connected Followed by a standard system, after having checked the system well, we started welding. And simple principle you understand that under the influence of electric current is an important part in the soldering joint. A non-melting electrode (solder needles) emits a very large amount of heat when it comes to the high-temperature stick, which compensates for excessive heat.

Introduction to MIG / MAG welding

MIG-MAG welding is a GMAW method of welding using a fire-resisting heat source between a continuous solid-state wire through a constant speed wire feeder. The formed lagoon is protected by inert gas (MIG) or activated gas (MAG). This method is also called semiautomatic welding, but the name is not accurate. In the MAG welding industry with CO2 protection gas is commonly called welded wire or CO2 welding.

The most important equipment is the welding gun which performs the functions of welding current through welding tube through contact tube, nozzle protecting gas and welding gun heat dissipation system when needed. appliance.

Secondly, the wire feeder has a steady speed at the set values. Depending on the wire type, two-rolls or four rolls can be used. Boats can be removed or installed on a welded power source. The function of the cord feeder is to maintain the automatic fire of the arc after priming.
Protective gases may be inert gas (Ar, He or Ar + He mixture) that does not interact with liquid metal during welding or as activated gases (CO2, O2, CO2 + Ar, etc.). Occupy space and push air out of the welding area to limit its bad effects.

Advantages of MIG welding

CO2 is easy to make, easy to produce and low in price;

High yield in CO2, 2.5 times more than hand arc welding;

The technology of welding in CO2 is higher than that of arc welding

Under the pill because it can be carried out at any location;

High welding quality. Welded products are less warp due to high welding speed, concentrated heat source, high thermal efficiency, narrow heat zone;

Labor conditions are better than manual arc welding and no toxic gas is generated during welding.

Application range:

It not only can weld all kinds of structural steels, but also can weld stainless steel, heat resistant steels, heat resistant steels, special alloys, aluminum alloys, magnesium, nickel, brass, Alloys have a strong chemical affinity with oxygen.

This method of welding can be used at any place in space.

The welding thickness of 0.4 – 4.8 mm is only one layer of weld without chamfering, from 1.6 to 10mm, a welded bevelled layer, while from 3.2 to 25mm welded layer .

Not suitable for outdoor welding, because the movement of ambient air can affect the protective gas and the weld. Should be used in the construction industry is quite limited.

Widely used in automatic and semi-automatic welding.

To put it simply: When welding MIG the arc from the weld will melt and form the arc that fills the weld.

When to wig MIG and when to wig TIG?

This question really depends on the intent of the welder: Prioritize weld quality or prioritize production efficiency. But there are some basic differences to choose welding or tig welding:

Very thin materials of 0.6mm – 0.8mm such as the case cover: printer case, casing cover, projection screen or other machines with thin structure and sophisticated, it is difficult to apply welding mig. It is compulsory to use tig welding to avoid deformation and material failure.

In the case of welding thick materials, then we can choose tig welding or welding mig. Usually with these materials are mostly applied welding method.

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