Electric welding machine specification

Welding is an indispensable electrical appliance in industries, construction and especially mechanical engineering. However, not everyone knows about its structure as well as the principle of its operation. In this article we will show you how this type of device works.

Electric welding machines come in a variety of types, of which the two commonly used types are welding mills with mobile cores and self-contained welding machines. So what electric arc welding machine operating principle?

Electric Apparatus with self-contained inductors:

This is an AC electric welding machine with large flux.

Operational principle of electric welding machine:

– No load mode: when open circuit:

No load current: Ih = Ikt = 0 and No load: U2 = Ukt = U20.

When the welding MBA worked: Uh = U20 – Utc.

For: Utc = Ih. (Rtc + Xtc) or Ih = Utc / (Rtc + Xtc)

Xtc = 2π.f.L

where f – current frequency

L – Inductance of individual inductors.

Rtc – The pure resistance of the inductance.

Xtc – The impedance of the inductance.

Ih: Welding current.

How the operation of electronic welding machine

– As the current increases, the magnetic gain through the inductance increases (depending on the gap of the inductance circuit) then the solder voltage decreases and vice versa.

Electric welding machine with mobile core.

To adjust the welding current, one changes the position of the core from the cell. As the core goes into the magnetic sphere, the flux increases and decreases the welding current; In contrast, when the magnetic core goes out of the magnetic sphere, the electric current decreases.

Electric welding machine specification

– Electric welding machine is a low voltage transformer. Lower secondary voltage (Ukt <100V) to ensure user safety.

– Large secondary line to provide sufficient heat for the melting of the metal during welding.

– Electric welding transformers have a lower number of secondary windings than primary windings and secondary windings are larger than those of primary windings. The number of coils in the secondary coil must be adjusted to adjust the welding current.

– Short circuit current must be limited to prevent damage.

– Hand-held arc transformers have curved outer curves. In order to create this type of characteristic line, people use their own inductors or magneto-magnetic welding machines, such as welding machines with mobile cores, etc.

There are also three-phase welding MBA, one-way welding MBA …