How to weld iron with arc welding machine

Iron welding is very popular because of its application in life as well as production.

Soldering iron by arc welding machine is not too complicated, does not require welder must have high technology should be used quite a lot today.

Soldering process:

Solder: Solder must be cleaned before welding.
Welding rod: Attach the welding rod to the weld ruler. Depending on the magnitude of the welding rod that regulates the welding current.

Arc length:

The arc length is the distance from the welding rod to the welding material. If we adjust the arc length with appropriate welding current intensity, the weld will be sharp and smooth weld. The length of the arc also depends on the welding rod diameter (usually ranging from 1.6mm to 2.4mm).

Welding slag: Welding arc forming slag welding. Use hammer or steel brush to clean the welding slag. If many layers are welded, the slag of the weld layer must be cleaned before proceeding to next layer welding.

Soldering iron operation

Current setting: The current of the device must be set correctly before welding. Depending on the type of electrode used, the device is set to 1-way, 1-way or alternating current.
Adjust arc length in iron welding technique:
Arc length depends on the type of welding rod, welding position. Often the arc length should not exceed the welding rod diameter.

If the arc is too short it may turn off the arc, the arc is unstable, the fast pusher hardens and the weld is high.
If the arc is too long, it will cause metal splashing during welding, slow deposition rate and porosity.
For welding surface, welding rod angle should be from 5 to 15 degrees in the direction of movement, for arc welding position should be to angle welding rod from 0-15 degrees to the opposite direction. direction of welding rod.

Operation of welding rods when soldering iron:

Movement along the weld shaft maintains and adjusts the arc length. Horizontal movement maintains the width of the weld. There are many types of movement: horizontal, continuous and intermittent motion depending on the thickness of the weld. With thin iron welding there is no need for horizontal movement of the welding rod because the arc width is sufficient to fill the welding groove. With the soldering stand should pay attention welding from the bottom up with thick solder and solder from top to bottom with thin iron solder (pay attention to welding edge).

Adjusting the welding speed in soldering iron technology: Welding speed should ensure that welding arc takes 1/3 of the length of the welding puddle. Too slow welding will produce fluxed and non-porous scales. Arc lost heat can not molten solder.