India welding machine

India welding machine

Having the welding machine in India have been accesible than ever. Nowadays, it has many choices of welding machine , such as:  MIG welding machine, TIG welding machine and stick welding machine that are affordable and more precise, less dangerous  as well as clean in utilization

Some kinds of famous brands in India, we must mention that Esab welding machine, SAI welding machine, … Also, we can consider other kind of brands Hong Ky welding machine. This is the best brand welding machine in Viet Nam which are the top best welding machines in India and their price lists:

India welding machine 

Esab welding machine

Esab India Limited started in 1987 and become one of the suppliers of welding machines and cutting products with intergral part of industries, including transport, shipbuilding, offshore, construction…ESAB India Limited started its operations in 1987 by acquiring the welding business of Peico Electronics & Electricals Limited (now Philips India Limited). The Company continued its expansion in the Indian market with the purchase of Indian Oxygen Limited’s welding business in 1991 and Flotech Welding & Cutting Systems Limited in 1992, followed by the merger of Maharashtra Weldaids Limited in 1994.

ESAB India Limited is owned 73.72% by the ESAB Group. The remainder of its shares are held widely. The company is listed on the stock exchanges of Mumbai and the National Stock Exchange.

Today, ESAB India has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of welding and cutting products in the country. ESAB products are now an integral part of industries like Shipbuilding, Petrochemical, Construction, Transport, Offshore, Energy and Repair and Maintenance.

ESAB India’s initiative on Total Quality Management has resulted in ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certifications for four of its principal manufacturing facilities located at Kolkata, Chennai and Nagpur. Further, the skills, know-how and resources at its Research and Development Departments, have helped the Company to offer a wide range of world-class products for diverse applications, cost effectively.

Sai welding machine 

Sai welding machine, named Sai Arc India Pvt Ltd, was incepted in Chennai, Tamil Nadu (India ) in 1997 and be famous for manufacturing and supplying, export the vast ranges of welding machines and cutting products. It is one the renowned client-oriented organization and understand the requirement of our esteemed clients throughout the world. Its complete range of Welding and Cutting products is widely appreciated by our valuable clients throughout the world. They also deal in kitchen sink, wash basin, stainless steel wash basin, stainless steel kitchen sink, kitchen wares, automobile press components, automobile welded components, sheet metal components, sheet metal pressed components, steel fabrication, sheet metal fabrication, welding robot etc. Owing to the dimensional precision, durable standards, perfect design and corrosion resistant finish, our product rage is highly demanded all across Indian Subcontinent, Australia/NZ, East Europe, Central America, North Europe and South/West Europe and all over the world.

Hong Ky welding machine

Hong Ky welding machine is the leading company that manufactures and trades, exports the various ranges of mechanics products, consisting of transformer welding machine, electronic welding machine ( TIG welding machine, MIG welding machine, MMA) , plasma cutting machine, electric motor, drilling machine and woodworking machines and steel.  Hong Ky welding machine is with more than 30-experience years and to gradually innovate technology as well as have an expansion in many countries such as: ASEAN regions, India, Europe… We are investing series of dramatically-new technology changes to keep up with the fast development of industrial field in the world

Some of typical welding machine price in India:

Plasma welding machine in India HK40

 Specification  HK 40
 Input Voltage (V)  1 phase 220V ± 15%
 Power Output (KVA )  7
 Output Intensity (A) 10-1/40
 Output Voltage ( V)  260
 Efficiency  60%
 Weight (Kg)  9
 Maximum cutting thick (mm)  8

Tig welding machine in India HK TIG 250

 Specification  HK Tig 250
 Input Voltage (V)  1 phase 220V ± 15%
 Power Output (KVA )  9.3
 Output Intensity (A)  20-250
 Output Voltage ( V)  60-70
 Efficiency  60%
 Weight (Kg)  12
 Welding stick (mm)  2.6-4.0

Welding machine in India HK MIG 350I

 Specification  HK Mig 350I
 Input Voltage (V)  3 phase 380V ± 15%
 Power Output (KVA )  13.8
 Output Intensity (A)  80-350
 Output Voltage ( V)  48-60
 Efficiency  85%
 Weight (Kg)  37
 Use Wire Rod (mm)  1.0-1.4

Welding machine in India electric welding machine HK 200A

 Specification  HK200A
 Input Voltage (V)  1 phase 220V ± 15%
 Power Output (KVA )  7
 Output Intensity (A)  20 – 200
 Output Voltage ( V)  50 – 70
 Efficiency  60%
 Weight (Kg)  8.5
 Welding stick (mm)  1.6 – 3.2