Inverter arc welding machine India

What is inverter arc welding machine

An inverter arc welding machine India is a relatively new and innovative type of welder that has a host of advantages when compared with the conventional welders that most of us are accustomed to. Inverter welders use sophisticated silicon based technology as compared with heavy copper/aluminum transformers and rectifiers seen in traditional welders.

There is no denying that when inverter welders were first introduced they created quite a few teething problems as any new technology would. However, since then, inverter technology has become reliable, cost effective and having its own merits.

Brand of welding machine in India

SAI welding machine

SAI Group of Companies consists of SAI Arc India Pvt Ltd, and  SAI Sheet Stampings Pvt Ltd, both  ISO / TS certified Companies , established in the year of 1997.

We have started as a service provider for any kind of Industries and now became a leading manufacturer and importer of all type of Welding machines, CNC Gantry and Portable Cutting machines, Automated Linear and circular welding solutions.

Esab welding machine

In 1904, Oscar Kjellberg, a Swedish engineer was working on ships and boilers in Gothenburg, Sweden. He was not satisfied with the quality of repair jobs. His quest for a better technology led to the invention of the world’s first covered electrode. And thus, Elektriska Svetsnings Aktie Bolaget (ESAB) was born. Today, ESAB employs around 6,700 people of which more than 600 are engaged in Research and Development at centers in Sweden, Holland, UK, Germany, USA, Brazil and India. The ESAB Group is owned by Colfax Corporation.

Hong Ky welding machine

Hong Ky Co., Ltd is the largest company in Viet Nam specialize in range of manufacturing transformer welder, electronic welder (tig, mig, MMA), plasma cutter, electric motor, driller and wood – working machine.

With over 30 experience years in field of manufacturing machinery, we have manufactured and distrib – uted for many customers in nationwide.

To satisfy higher and higher demands of customers. We are always effort to improve product quality and design many kinds of new machine to serve for both domestic and oversea market.

How to choose a good inverter arc welding machine India

Selecting inverter welding time consuming, but important.Industry produces three types of machines: domestic, professional and industrial.At home: better to choose a home machine.It can be qualitatively boil seam, but its length will be less.However, it should be noted that household purpose machines do not produce high power.

Before you choose inverter welding machine; many buyers, of course, interested in the price of the product.In the markets of welding machines are now many cheap models.But experts do not advise to buy cheap and miniature devices.The desire of manufacturers to reduce the size and weight reduction reduces the product and its capabilities.Professional models are expensive.They are buying does not make sense.Therefore, when choosing an inverter device adhere to the middle.
Attention! main drawback of cheap welding machine – lowest duty cycle.
This figure is calculated from the ten-minute interval.With such a cheap machine duty cycle can cook two minutes, other times it must be cooled.Cheap phones fast break.They are difficult to repair because of the lack of spare parts, as well as single-board production method.

“Stick” or “arc” welding is probably the most widely recognized type of welding. It probably should have been called “ark” welding, as it seems to have been around since the time of Noah. Stick uses a flux coating around its consumable rod to provide a shielding gas that keep impurities out of the molten metal. This makes it well suited to outdoor environments. Wind doesn’t blow stick gases away like it does with MIG and TIG. Stick offers good penetration and a good amount of weld control. Amperage is controlled at the machine and it can be done as a one or two hand operation. Some hobby stick machines can weld up to ½-inch thick steel. Stick welding isn’t the best for welding aluminum or thin materials. You can weld thin materials and aluminum with the proper rod, but it isn’t easy. While stick welding isn’t overly difficult, it isn’t overly simplistic either. When I asked Courtney about the difficulty level for a beginner using a stick machine, he laughed and replied, “It’s about an 8 out of ten on a scale of difficulty.”

Stick welding isn’t as simple as it would seem. Not only does the rod need to be moved along the weld path at a constant speed, you also need to maintain proper arc distance, as the rod gets shorter. This isn’t the only thing beginners have trouble with. Rod selection, machine setting, porosity problem and arc striking can prove to be problematic as well. A novice stick user equipped with a standard lens shield will literally be left in the dark while trying to get an arc going. While learning to weld on a stick machine made me a better welder, I wouldn’t start with stick machine again if given the choice. I still have my stick machine but only to piggy back a TIG inverter.