Lead welding technology by gas welding machine

Compared to other metals, lead is very soft metal, which can be cut with a knife. Lead is greenish white, when oxidized, lead is gray. Lead melting point is about 327 degrees Celsius. If melted many times, lead is very brittle due to oxide.

Lead welding technology by gas welding machine

Depending on the thickness of the solder, the solder may or may not use an auxiliary welding rod.

No need to use welding rods. When operating heavy dutywelding machine, it is only necessary to put the torch on the zigzag path to melt the solder edge.

When welding lead, if welding thick material should use secondary welding rod.

The welding process has an auxiliary welding rod as follows: After the welding and welding auxiliary welding rods, pick up the rods and wait for the liquid metal in the freezing tank and then continue welding.


When welding lead should be soldered on the cushion

Lead vap is very toxic, so when soldering must have good protective measures and the place of welding must be airy

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