Safety measures in Gas metal arc welding

Safety measures in welding machine

1. The types and kinds of fumes and gas present while welding relies on electrode being used, the metal compound welded, and the presence of any coatings on the base metal. To secure against potential jeorpadies, a welders should put his head out of the fume plume and skip out on inhaling the fumes and gases caused by arc. Oxygenating is always required

Put head out of fume plume – safety measure in welding
2.Electrode shock can be caused from revelation to the high open-cuircuit voltages affiliate with welding power supplies. All electrical equipment and the workpiece must be connected to an approved electrical ground. Cables should be off sufficient size to carry the maximum current required

Workpiece connected to ground –safety measure in welding
3.Insulation should be preserved from cuts and abrasion, and the cable should not come into contact with oils, paints, or other fluids which may cause deterioration. Workareas, equipment and clothing must be put dry at all times. The welders should be well insulated, wearing dry gloves, rubber soled shoes, and standing on a dry board or platform while welding
4. Radiant energy , especially in the utraviolet range, is intense during GMAW. To protect the eyes from damage, the proper filler shade for the welding current level selected should be used. These greater intensities of utraviolet radiation can cause rapid disintegration of cotton clothing

Utraviolet radiation can cause rapid disintegration
5.Leather,wool, and aluminum-coated cloth will be better withstand exposure to arc radiation and better protect exposed skin surfaces

Aluminum-coated cloth in arc welding
6. When noise has been determined to be excessive in the work area,ear protection should be used. This can also be used to prevent spatter from entering the ear
( Hong Ky welding machine – Welding Tech)