the preservation of welding rods

In order to ensure the quality of welding, special attention should be paid to the preservation of welding rods. When needed, re-vacuum the welding rod according to the manufacturer’s instructions before use. Here are some techniques for preserving electrodes.

Store low-hydrogen bazaar

This is a type of stick that does not contain organic substances and water components. Typically, this type of stick is used in fully sealed plastic containers, which, after being left unused, must be dried prior to use.

Preservation of other welding rods

Usually contained in cassettes or plastic boxes but not completely closed.

They have a shelf life of 6 months and can last up to 2 years.
Some points to note when drying and preserving stick:
☑ The same type of desiccant is not commonly used for low-hydrogen welding electrodes and other electrodes, due to their different drying temperatures.

☑ If less hydrogen sticks of different strengths are dried in the same oven, the highest drying temperature should be chosen. However, for convenience and savings, it is advisable to use different kilns for different types of welding rods to ensure proper drying and avoid confusion.

It is advisable to avoid drying for more than 2 hours at temperatures above 350 ° C or more than 1 hour at temperatures above 400 ° C, as metal casing in the sheath may be oxidized and the cover is crushed excessively. In addition, the concentration of oxygen in the weld metal increases as the amount of silicon and manganese is reduced.

☑ Do not exceed the time limit for re-drying the coating because the coating strength may be reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to have storing sticks while transporting them over time limits. There is no time limit for storing sticks at 150oC

☑ Frequent opening and closing of the oven to remove the dried solder and applying the new solder to the dryer may cause the solder to not be dried properly so it should be avoided. Therefore, it is advisable to use the storage furnace to regularly remove the dried solder for later use and close it.

☑ Avoid drying the welding rods immediately at high temperatures. In order to avoid breakage of the sheath, the welding rod must be dried at 100 ° C for about half an hour before being introduced into the oven.

☑ Do not use welding stove for other purposes.

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