Types of welding

Around the beginning of the Red Ages, bronze figurines were known for welding metals such as copper welding, welding and so on … but by the beginning of the twentieth century re-welding began.

In 1802, the V.V. Petr. Institute investigated the electric arc and its ability to apply heat to the metal. In 1882 engineer N.N.Bemaodor erected carbon arc to weld metal. In 1888, engineer N.G.Slavianov erected a metal-clad electrolytic arc welding.

In 1900 in 1902 it produced calcium grass and then 1906 was born.

The next generation of computers appears and develops slowly; In 1886 E.Meaning the method of welding welding supplies; In 1887 N.N.Benademt out point welding method.

At the beginning of the 20th century, and especially after the Second World War, the next few years of the war intensified and new welding methods appeared.
1. Welding

The method of connecting elements to an indistinguishable bonding block by heating the joint to a flowing or plastic state, then solidifying (or underpowering) the weld.
2. Weld

Overlay on the surface of the detail a layer of metal.
3. Welding flux

The welding method where the molten metal is in place to bond the bonding elements.
4. Arc welding by welding rods

Using arc heat to melt secondary metals (molten electrode – welding rod) and a base metal part.
5. Welding arc open.

Arc welding with molten electrode has welding gas, when the arc area is visible.
6. Electric arc welding does not melt.

The method of welding the arc, but the electrodes are non-melting (such as tungsten electrodes). This electrode is used to induce arc and to maintain the arc burning during the onion.
7. Welding under the drug

Arc welding method where the arc burns in the drug layer (not visible arc – called closed arc).
8. Arc welding in the gas protection environment.

The arc welding method where the arc burns in the protected gas zone (such as argon gas) is introduced.
9. Arc argon arc welding.

Arc welding in a protective gas environment is argon (TIG; MIG).
10. Welding in CO2.

Arc welding in a gaseous atmosphere is CO2 – (MAG).
11. Automatic arc welding.

Arc welding machine in India in which the movement of the welding wire (electrode) and welding arc (maintained and displaced) is performed by machine.
12. welding two arcs.

Automatic arc welding method, simultaneous execution of two arcs by two separate sources and currents.
13. Welding multiple arcs

Automatic arc welding method, simultaneous execution of multiple arcs (more than 2) with separate welding source and current.
14. Double-electrode welding.

Automatic arc welding method, simultaneous execution of two electrodes welding with the common line welding welding
15. Hand arc welding.

The method of electrode welding is the welding rod. During welding, movements such as arc induction, rod shift, arc shift along the weld are performed manually.
Welding methods are increasingly being perfected and applied extensively in the economy, in national engineering and especially in electronics and astronautics.
At present there are more than 120 different methods and many modern methods such as welding by car, electron beam welding, welding with guns and so on.
People use mechanical muscle and auto in the welding arc.
At present, we can weld details of any thickness from very thin to very thick parts and still ensure the quality of the fitting.
Soldering is being applied in many different industries. A subway train or train wagon total length of nearly 4 km. In the car was a tourist with dozens of welding spots and welds. In the fire-making industry, jetty, space, ships, mining equipment, construction tools, tools for daily life, etc., all apply welding methods. .