Welding machine set up

Instructions for welding machine installation

Welding machines, also known as arc welding machines, are available in many different types. Each type of machine has a manual when attached. But basically they are used for the same purpose so the structure of the machine is similar to serve the arc welding process. Before using the machine read the manual carefully to ensure safety and efficiency when operating the machine. The proper use and maintenance of the machine will help you to use this welding machine for long and effective. Please keep this manual in a place where it is available to the operator

Notes when installing the welding machine

During installation the welding machine must observe the track to prevent the machine from being burnt and damaged by the gas:
– Do not install welding machines near flammable and combustible materials
– Move flammable objects, if in non-moving conditions, cover flammable objects with fireproofing
– In order to prevent poisonous gases, it is necessary to use a suction device or a protective mask
– When welding in confined spaces, ventilation should be sufficiently equipped or equipped with a mask or respirator and work under the supervision of a supervisor.
– Once the machine has been installed, it must supply the brake wheel to the machine
– Do not place heavy objects on the machine
– Do not cover the ventilation of the machine again
Step 1: Installation location
Observe the track and select an appropriate installation location
– Set this machine and other machines and at least 30cm away from the wall
– Place the unit in a humid, humid and humid environment and keep it out of direct sunlight, wind and rain.
– The installation site must be dry and clean with little dust
– In case of outdoor installation, the installation site shall not be exposed to light, wind or rain
– Do not let the moisture in the surrounding area of the machine
– The installation site should be chosen at altitudes less than 1000m above sea level, the average temperature is 10-40oC
– Power supply should be installed in a firm and level place
Step 2: Surface contact
– During contact with electrical parts, fire or electric shock may occur
– Do not touch the parts that have electricity inside and outside the machine
– The soldering source must be grounded, the metal base and the clamps must be electrically connected in accordance with technical regulations
– Prior to contact make sure that all parts are off
– Do not use unstandard cable
– Ensure strict security for each serial
– After contact with the cable, the shielding must be secured
Step 3: Contact the welding source
installation of welding rod machine
Connection diagram, installation of parts welding machine ARC 250

Make sure that the metal must match the welding torch and weld supply, and check that the torch adapters tighten the bolts.
Step 4: Connect the input
– While touching an electrical component, it can cause severe burns and electric shock
+ Do not touch the power unit inside and outside the welding machine.
+ The soldering source must be grounded, the metal and the clamp must be electrically connected to each other in accordance with electrical engineering standards,
+ Before connecting, make sure the power supply is disconnected.
+ Ensure strict protection after serial cable connection.
+ When the welding machine is used in a place of high humidity as in the workplace, or steel scaffolding must be equipped with racks with flow detection function.
– Make sure to have a switch or breaker for each power source of the welding machine
Provide an interrupt switch for each power source of the welding machine, power supply fuse and breaker
Step 5: Connect the wiring harness
Step 6: Connect the cable
– Connect the torch wires to the conductor bolts and tighten them with a wrench
– Couplings with wires for tightening and tightening with a wrench.
– Connect the control cable and welded cable closely