Gas flame welding methods

Gas flame welding methods

Based on the movement of the welding torch and welding rod, the gas is divided into two types: right and left.
Method of soldering must:
Welding must proceed from left to right. Small welding machine operation: the welding torch is in front of the welding rod.

Characteristics of the method of welding must:

– When soldered, the soldering flame is always directed to the welded tank and the welded portion of the weld, so most of the heat is focused on melting the metal. Therefore, the welding efficiency is higher than that of the solder.

In the welding process due to the pressure of the welding flame, the liquid metal of the welded tank is shaken, thus facilitating the slag that easily floats on the weld surface.

Due to the welding flame directed into the welded tank, the protection of the welded metal is better, and the weld pool slows down so that the weld quality is good.

Welding must be suitable for welding parts with a thickness greater than 5mm and for metals and alloys with high melting temperatures and high thermal conductivity.

Soldering method left
The left turn is performed from right to left. When soldered, the solder precedes the torch.

Characteristics of the solder method:

– Flame welding is not directed directly to the tank, so the concentration of heat is less and the tank is less disturbed, therefore, slag is harder to float.

– Due to the welding flame not directly into the welded tank, the protection of the welded area when soldering is worse, on the other hand, the cold velocity of the welded tank is high, so the weld quality is not high: Large slag, stress and deformation.

– When soldering left, it is easier to observe tank tank so it is easy to adjust to get good and beautiful welding.

– The left weld is used to weld welds of less than 5mm in thickness and those with low melting point.

When welding gas, the application of any method depends on the thickness of the weld and the location of the weld in space.

When soldered, depends on the thickness of the solder that can be welded or welded left.

When welded stand should be welded, but if the weld is more than 8mm thick should be solder right.

The most advantageous welding and welding are the right welding because then the flame welding directly to the tank, it will keep the liquid metal in the tank does not fall down.