Techniques for starting and stopping when arc welding

The arc induction is carried out through contact with the welding rod in a short time. Due to the effect of short circuit and contact resistance, the welding rod is heated to high temperature. When picking up the soldering rod, the space between the tip of the solder and the solder is ionized, forming an arc, in which there are two main arcs.

Latch method

Latching method is easy to do with beginner and when used with AC welding machine. Swipe the stick just like when you hit a match; Lift the electrode over a distance to extend the arc to a point and return to the normal arc welding height.

Typing method

This method of arc welding is applied by perpendicular arc welding to the welded object after arc, extending the arc before the normal arc length. Once formed.

Start the arc

At the beginning of welding, the temperature of the solder is low, so the melting depth of this section is relatively shallow, so at the beginning of welding – after the arc is turned, the solder arc extends to heat up the solder. , then gradually lowered to the appropriate arc length.

Maintain arc

The arc is usually maintained at a length of 0.5 to 1.2 times the welding rod diameter, depending on the welding conditions and the type of welding rod (solder with basecoat need a small arc length).

Stopping arc welding

At the end of arc it is important to correctly fill the mouth. This is the area that contains the most harmful impurities due to the rapid crystallization speed of the metal there, so the possibility of crack formation there is very high. The proper way to terminate the arc is to gradually increase the length of the arc after stopping all other transitions of the arc interlock.