Types of mini welding machines from Hong Ky

There are many kinds of mini welding machines at Hong Ky that you can be fast to choose one for your demand. With different specification of welding machines and various conductivity based on your application for every function of machine, you able to buy quickly one with enthusiatic consulting .

– Mini spot welding machines:  

In order to optimize the shortcomings of the current welding machine in the market, Hong Ky has researched, developed and produced the generation of mini welding machine with many outstanding advantages.

+ HK 200Z: 

HK 200Z is the mini welding machine used widely to weld on the iron door, chrome steel. It is also the important tool in home industrial appliances and contrustions…

Mini welding machine HK200Z

Specification HK 200Z
Input Voltage (V) 1 phase 220V ± 15%
Power Output (KVA) 7.0
Output Intensity (A) 20 – 200
Output Voltage (V) 50 – 70
Efficiency 60%
Weight (Kg) 5.5
Welding stick (mm) 1.6 – 3.2

+HK 200E:

Mini welding machine HK 200E saves 50-60% electricity compared with traditional one

Mini welding machine price HK200E

Specification  HK200E
 Input Voltage (V)  1 phase 220V ± 15%
 Power Output (KVA )  7
 Output Intensity (A)  20-200
 Output Voltage ( V)  50-70
 Efficiency  60%
 Weight (Kg)  5.5
 Welding stick (mm)  1.6-3.2

+HK 200A:  

HK 200A is one of the mini welding machine types that is researched and developed in order to meet different from customers


                                                                     HK 200A mini welding machine  price 

 Specification  HK200A
 Input Voltage (V)  1 phase 220V ± 15%
 Power Output (KVA )  7
 Output Intensity (A)  20 – 200
 Output Voltage ( V)  50 – 70
 Efficiency  60%
 Weight (Kg)  8.5
 Welding stick (mm)  1.6 – 3.2

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