Welding electrodes

Welded carbon steel average standard AWS A5.1 includes: E6010, E6011, E6012, E6013, E7014, E7015, E7016, E7018, E7048, E6020, E6022, E7024, E6027, E7027, E7028.

Welding electrodes E6010-Na – High cellulose

E6010 is relatively large, the spraying arc is quite strong, easy to remove slag, relatively thin slag can not cover the whole weld, welded irregularly wavy irregular. Ingredient: contains about 30% weight cellulose, TiO2, deoxidizers, Al or Mg silicate, liquid cilicate Na.

The E6010 can be welded in any position, welded in multiple vertically, or when it needs high strength. The electrode is used with reverse polarity DC power. Should not be used with large, large diameter rods due to the relatively high splash.

E6011-K-cellulose solder high

The E6011 is designed to increase the usability and power of the E6010 and it can be used with AC, DC. The E6011 gives a lower depth of field than the E6010. The electrode coating is almost identical to the E6010 but uses Cellulose K instead of Na.

Welding electrodes E6012 Na and Ti high

E6012 for medium depth and slag with a relatively high specific gravity, covering the entire welding pool. The casing contains up to 30% rutile, containing cellulose and Fe-Mn, Ca-based and silicate-based substances used as binding agents. When welding welds E6012 has a relatively low flexibility, high flow limits, slightly vertically convex wavy profiles. The E6012 can be welded in any position.

Welding electrodes E6013 Ti and K high

Solder E6013 is commonly used to weld thin plates, similar to the E6012. Slag weld is easy to remove, arc welding is more stable than the E6012. Cellulose, rutile, FE-Mn, potassium silicate coating used as a binder. The K compounds in the sheath allow the E6013 to be welded to low-current alternating currents, and low voltage circuits. Weld less waved almost no slag and other impurities.

Welding electrodes E6020 and E6022

These two types of electrodes are coated with high FE content. They can be used for spot welding or welding with reverse polarity AC or DC electrodes. The E6022 is commonly used for overlapping welding or high-speed horizontal and high-tension welding. The E6020 has good relative humidity so it is suitable for welding high-strength grooves or jigs.

Welding rod E6027

Electrode coating contains many FE powders of other ingredients similar to E6020. Thick electrode covers up to 50% of welding rods. E6027 is used to weld and weld flat-groove leads using AC or DC bias. Weld E6027 has a very thick slag honeycomb type. The average penetration depth of the welded joint is less splash when soldered.

E7014 welding rod

E7014 welding electrodes have the same electrodes E6012 and E6013 but Fe powder is added to increase the welding speed. The electrodeposition thickness and Fe powder content are lower than the E7024 electrodes. E7014 can be welded to any flat welded spot easily removed.

E7015 welding rod

The E7015 is a low-H2 type electrode that is used with DC electrodes, with an alkaline slag reversal. The E7015 is commonly used to weld small welds on thick plates, welded to high S2 steel. The E7015’s optical depth is thick but easy to remove. E7015 can be welded to any position up to 4mm, large electrode can use flat position welding and welding. The current consumption of E7015 requires more than E6010 when using the same rod diameter.

Welding rod E7016

This type of electrode is similar to the E7015 but the cover contains silicate K as the binding agent and K salts so it can use AC power.

E7018 welding rod

The E7018 is similar to the E7015 but has FE and has a higher thickness. FE powder accounts for 25-40% of drug coverage. This type of electrode can be used with AC or DC reverse polarity, however, when arc welding requires short arc. This type of electrode is used with C steel, high strength steel, high alloy steel.

E7048 welding rod

The same construction and use as the E7018 but designed specifically for vertical welds.

E7024 welding rod

E7024 has an electrostatic coating of FE powder and other components like E6012, E6013. However, its very thick electrode covers up to 50% of the rod’s weight. E7024 is commonly used for welding with AC or DC currents. Solder with E7024 rod for high cruising speed.

Welding electrodes E7027

The same applies to the E6027, but has a higher tensile strength.

Welding electrodes E7028

The E7028 is similar to the E7018, but this type of electrode is only suitable for horizontal and vertical welds. Heavy cushions account for up to 50% of welding rods. The high FE content, therefore, the E7028 has a higher welding speed than the E7018